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July 11, 2018

What if you get decked up to go on a date which is quite far from your current location and the only mode of transport available is a bullock cart (bail gaadi)? What if this happens for real? Just imagine, a woman wearing a short dress along with a pair of stilettos or a man in crisp white shirt, skin fit chinos and leather shoes sitting on a cart pulled by two buffaloes! That’s a weird imagination, isn’t it? Well, this was exactly the case a few decades ago. The case here refers to the mode of transport! Not the dress!

In yester years, carts pulled by bulls, horses and donkeys were the only source of transport for local rambling. With the dawn of advancement in automation, there came wagons pulled with the help of engines. These wagons or carts came to be known as cars. Now, life became easier but economically deleterious at the same time. Owning a car at that point in time still remained a luxury for majority of the population; leave aside the thought of hiring one.

But as the society progressed during the late 90’s, in came the mania of hiring taxi for long and short distance wandering. Hiring a taxi could be done by simply walking down the road and waving at a car, negotiating the fair and there you go! You have your own personal car for a few kilometers. Now, as time progressed, taxis with digital meters came into existence which further enabled ‘pay as per the distance’. Travelling became quite easy with the introduction of ‘car hiring’ system, but the only demerit of this was that one have to walk down the road to hire a car. It might take a few minutes to even an hour to get a taxi for your desired destination.

Lastly and the most recent elevation in car hiring came with the name of Uber. Now, people can book a taxi from a mobile phone and expect a taxi within 10-15 minutes. Not just that, people can get an estimated fare for their journey well in advance and then it’s upon them to decide whether to book it or to look for other alternatives. Uber and Ola are the giants in the online taxi booking market right now. This has been possible only with the advancement in technology. Apps in today’s world are real time savers.

Now, to conclude this I would like to give the readers yet another supernatural imagination. Just conceptualize of booking an Uber car via a mobile phone and the driver asks you to meet at the pickup point. Cool, right? You reach your pickup point and find a brand new bullock cart with an Uber logo on the buffalo’s tummy waiting for you! Hahaha! Have a safe journey!

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