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June 29, 2018
Evolution of Website

Dating back to 1991, a new revolution was marked in the form of World Wide Website. Today, websites came a long way and so has internet. There are so many types of websites which play a pivotal role in business. Some of which are-
Personal websites- websites which are created for own personal use or for showing their personal websites.
Photo sharing websites- Nowadays there are so many websites which allow you to share and communicate through photos. Not only website but also apps are formulating this kind of technology.

Writers/Authors website- Eminent writers make a website of their own to link their work to the world.

Business websites/ community – There are many community/ business websites that are in the market to create a web presence to visualize their products/services.

Mobile device websites- Mobile is a device which made everyone’s life simpler. The use of mobile device websites is becoming popular among the small business unit definitely having quite a good share of the market.

E-commerce websites-
Who needs a shopping mall when we have e-commerce websites to our rescue which helps to bring the entire market at our finger-tips.

How websites changed the face of business houses?
Initially, websites were used to prove the authenticity of the firm which in due course of time changed to a marketing tool which marketers use for promotion and sale of their products and services. The website is an evolution of a phantasm in technology which caters to the nook and cranny of the business making it accessible to everyone.

How is the website important?
The basic requirement of a venture is to show their presence and it is not possible for everyone to become tangibly present everywhere. It is not required to have a huge office space, monitors, huge number of employee strength to start a business. Having a simple website with good contents can itself help in starting a business. Not only that, SEO can be used to bring the website on the first page of the search engine making the site’s visibility more strong.

What change website bought among people?
People are being inherited with more knowledge in lieu of websites. It made them to take the right decision and choose the right products or services. Nowadays nobody can be fooled that easily because internet being handy to everyone, people know what is sold to them.

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